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Quebec Skilled Worker Program

The government of Quebec and the Canadian Federal Government developed the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) which enables highly educated and trained foreign nationals to immigrate to Quebec as skilled workers. Prospective immigrants who apply to the QSWP are evaluated according to a selection grid of factors, applicants who score enough points are given a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ) which they can then use to apply for Canadian permanent residency.

UPDATE: A new 2018 Quebec Skilled Worker Program intake period (maximum 5,000 applications) should be announced shortly.

Quebec Skilled Worker Eligibility

Eligibility for the Quebec Immigration Skilled Worker Program is determined by 9 selection factors. QSWP points are awarded according to these selection criteria in order to identify possible immigrants who are most likely to flourish economically once in Quebec. To qualify for immigration to Canada as a Quebec-selected skilled worker, a solo applicant must score at least 50 points. Potential immigrants who apply with a spouse or a common-law partner must score at least 59 points in order to be eligible for the QSW Program.
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