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Sweden as a country is known for its inventions and universities with academic excellence that help students build a strong career. There is more that Sweden can offer be it the scenic outdoor locations, cultural rendezvous or lip-smacking delicacies.


• Capital: Stockholm
• population: 9.517 million
• GDP: $525.7 billion
• Number of Universities: 51
• Currency - Swedish Krona (SEK)
• Official Languages: Swedish

Whystudy in Swedan?

• Courses with cutting edge technology and high end research
• Liberal scholarships up to 100%
• IELTS/TOEFL not required for Engineers
• Beautiful cities, efficient public transportation, peaceful country, with minimum pollution
• Industry centric courses to give students practical experience and skill independence to make them competitive.
• Rigorous quality control on all courses taught, in every six years.
• Most universities fully subsidize tuition costs for students, regardless of their nationality, making education quite affordable.
• Sizeable number of courses offered in English so foreign language should not be a barrier for international students.
• Excellent International study environment with all programs taught in English.
• One of the most technically strong countries in terms of inventions.
• 3 Swedish universities figures in the list of world's top 100 universities.
• One of the strongest economies in the world.
• Birthplace of many successful innovative companies like Volvo, Scania, Ericsson, Tetra Pak, Ikea, Electrolux


• There are over 50 institutions offering higher education in Sweden.
• Degrees are generally offered at three levels: bachelors, masters and doctoral.
• GGreater autonomy is given to Institutions to structure courses and programs according to their own needs, using a credit system, allowing students to have say in their learning and education.
• Masters programs are offered in close collaborate with local industry and institutions are obliged to interact with the local community while specializing in specific subject areas.

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